Le Cadran
Rue de Bruxelles
4000 Li├Ęge


Saturday 29th September 2018
Start: 22h00
End: 06h00

Blackout is against drugs and violence.

Minimum age

The minimum age is 16 years. If you are not 16 years old your entrance will be denied, even in company of an adult or supervisor.


You can with cash or Bancontact at Blackout.


Earplugs will be available at Blackout.


It is not allowed to flyer or hang posters on the event, on the streets or in the near environment of the venue. You can advertise in our promo magazine which we hand out to all our visitors. For more info contact info@blackout.be.


You can leave the event at any time. If you want to enter again you will have to buy a new ticket. An outdoor chill zone will be available for fresh air.

Forbidden objects

Following objects are not allowed inside the venue:

  • Animals (with exception of guidance dogs for blind people)
  • Own food and drinks
  • Gas based products, fireworks, liquids, torches
  • Big backpacks, bags
  • Gastorches
  • Candles
  • Flag poles, banners
  • Umbrellas, folding chairs
  • Plastic or wooden cases
  • Blocks of isimo
  • Flyers, stickers and other promomaterial
  • Bike pumps and -repairmaterial
  • Drugs
  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Professional & audiovisual recording material
  • Weapons
  • Sticks, walking canes (medical crutches are allowed)
  • Objects with discriminating and / or provocative texts or expressions
  • Every other object that can be seen as dangerous by the organisation


There is a bike stall available at the entrance of the event.


Blackout is easily reached with public transport. For exact routes check out www.nmbs.be.


There are different busstops near the venue. Check out Google maps for the fastest route. .


Blackout is easily reached by car. Caution: there is only limited parking space available.

Ticket conditions

Print your ticket(s) beforehand and exchange these at the entrance for access to the event. Ticket conditions Blackout Belgium 2018:
  • Minimum age is 16 years, if you bought tickets without looking at the minimum age these tickets will not be exchanged nor refunded.
  • Your entrance ticket is only valid on 29 September 2018 for maximum one person.
  • Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged for another event.
  • Counterfeiting tickets will have legal consequences.
  • Upon receiving your ticket you agree to be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes.
  • Upon receiving your ticket you agree to be searched for security reasons.
  • Personal info received when buying a ticket will be strictly used for promotional ends. All personal data from our files are conform with the regulations of the law of 08/12/1992 regarding the protection of privacy.
  • Proof of entrance (wristband or stamp) can not be counterfeited. Any attempt will have legal consequences.
  • If the organisation has to change the timetable out of necessity, they can do this at any time. Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded for this reason.
  • Cancellation of one or more artists will not result in a refund.
  • Bringing your own consumptions is forbidden. When you buy your ticket you agree that your bags, purses, etc. can be checked for consumptions.
  • Drugs are not allowed on our event, authorities will be informed when when you get caught with drugs.
  • If you are under influence of alcohol or drugs, security can deny entrance to the event.
  • All dangerous objects which can serve as a weapon are forbidden.
  • Digital camera's and video camera's are allowed with exception of professional equipment. Permission must be requested via info@blackout.be
  • Pictures and movies taken inside the venue can not be used for commercial or public operations unless with permission of the organisator.
  • It's prohibited to hand out flyers or to hang posters without permission of the organiser inside the venue, around the venue or in the immediate neighbourhood. Contact info@blackout.be for info and permission.
  • There is a bike stall outside the venue.
  • The buyer agrees that the event and it's organisers are not responsible for any loss, damage or infliction and agrees to any rule the organiser wishes to apply in terms of safety and public order.
  • The organisation has the right to deny entrance or remove anybody from the event who does not respect the rules above.